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When you join our vision of giving help to humanity, you become a help partner and as our partner we believe in making your life meaningful so that you become an agent of change and Freedom to “Humanity”. The touch and empowerment that we give begin with you. We affect our member’s life first, and then reach out through them to humanity

FreedomBreed International is a subsidiary of Help 4 Humanity (H4H) in Maryland; United States is a Non-Government Organization-with membership program, a global empowerment system born out of passion with focus on helping all and sundering. That is the less privileged, widows, orphans, etc. coupled with humanitarian services, mutual funds aid for members and speedy emancipation of suffering through the most friendly and fast networking platform ever with cheap goods and services.

Meet Our Team

It is good to know the amiable and errudite personnel, who have worked almost tiredlesslly to ensure a program like this is working as designed and also sustained efficiently

our Team

Godsman G .Anuhwin

CEO & President

He is an Optimistic man from a very humble beginning, who has experience the matchless Grace of God and enjoyed His infinite mercies. The various stages of my life have proven to me that irrespective of background, culture, location and education, race or religion you can achieve your dreams. All u need is Divine Help for Freedom from all forms of deprivations, limitations, setback and problems.

our Team

Juanita Avalon


She is a woman with a golden heart, she is genuinely interested in her fellow men and can go as extra mile to make sure that people are happy.

our Team

Mr Federico Lopez


Fedirico Lopez is a season administrator with a cutting edge managerial skill that has help him to Coordinate both Human and resources to achieve Maximum results and success in his career! Fedirico Lopez has a large heart which made him to accommodate ALL and be a great blessings to ALL around him..

Freedombreed International

Freedombreed International is a subsidiary of Help 4 Humanity International. A Non-Government Organization established in the United State of America with her Headquarters in the State of Maryland. This NGO is empowerment based-membership program, a global opportunity born out of the passion for total transformation of human from NOBODY to SOMEBODY via common distribution of wealth while helping the under-privileged and less privilege. Come experience our transforming world, as Freedombreed gives you the definite touch that you need for the indefinite empowerment of yourself and the people around you.

Freedombreed is a tripartite platform that guarantee a holistic transformation and emancipation for all her members and others.

To make wealth realistic to all we don’t only empower life, we work with you and through you to help and empowers people around you-by simply referring people (family and friends) for help and empowerment ” Welcome to a world of exceptional wealth and food distribution ”

We are here to transform ordinary people to extraordinary wealth and health controller. We are the future of home- based business!!!!!What we have done is to blend our passion for the home-based industry which has made us who we are with our vision for humanity to create empowerment and financial freedom for members and non-members alike via a proven and tested life changing system.

We are the first and best! Come in; let us flow on this tidal wave to freedom from rat-race Empowerment of yourself and the people around you...Freedombreed is a tripartite platform that guarantees a holistic transformation and emancipation for all her members and others.

A. Empower for success.
B .Emancipated from mediocrity
C. Expose to opportunity for financial freedom
D. Enlisted for residual income for life
E. Enhance for the best life via general change of status.
E. Exotic brand new car owner.
G. Engaged in community development projects.
F. Embarking on free international trip.

Freedombreed international offers unbeatable life changing services to make the world a better place to live in. We are posed to affect lives, bring hope to humanity and change lives for the better. The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion and the will to help others.

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